How to Make Your Patio Party a Hit

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Tips and Tricks to Make your Patio Party a Hit

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Are you one of those people who love throwing parties? Do you also feel that a gathering of family and friends is your idea of enjoyment? If yes, then you are at the right place! We know that parties are a lot of fun, but they can sometimes turn into a big problem, and to prevent that, a patio is all you need. Here we will be telling you everything you should know to make your outdoor party a hit.

1. Fill Your Guests In Beforehand

A surprise party is fun, but there are certain details you should provide your guests with. You can help your friends by specifying what they should wear or what time it is appropriate to arrive. By making everything crystal clear, not only you but also the people coming over will have a sense of relief. The best way to indicate details is to print it on an informative yet fun invitation.

One more thing that you can add to your to-do list is to mention the time you will be grilling. By doing so, you will be free to enjoy the party since you will not have to re-heat everything when someone comes late. Mentioning a time will make sure that everybody comes on time to have hot food. This will also ensure that no one misses the great feast. Another thing to do is to give your guests an idea about their attire. If your patio party is supposed to be a pool party, let everyone know to pack their swimsuits. Or if it is going to be a friendly dinner, then make sure they know that casual is absolutely fine.

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In case you are planning a surprise party, before the party begins, give everyone hints. The hints could be in the form of puzzles which will become a game for everyone to enjoy.

2. Make sure you have enough food.

Another big rule for any party is that the food should be sufficient and calculated. Before shopping for any items or ingredients, make a general list of the total guests coming to ensure no food gets wasted. This is also important because, as a host, you would not want any of your guests to go back home without eating. To get a count, you can think of the average proportions of the servings you will be offering. For instance, think about the amount that you usually consume and then purchase accordingly.

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You never know who is allergic to what. So, make sure to ask everyone to point out the common ingredients they are allergic to. Some people have even turned vegan now, so do not forget to serve them as per their preferences. Dairy and lactose intolerance is also common. The best way to make everything work out is to ask about the things they are affected by.

3. Present Drinks in Batches Lots for Larger Groups

Try to prepare drinks in larger batches so that you can serve them to more people in one go. This would help you to serve everyone equally and ensure that no one is left out. As a host, you don’t want to spend the entire party time mixing up cocktails. So make arrangements in such a way that everyone can become their own bartenders. For that to happen, you will need to stock up on your bar station completely, with all sorts of options.

Assuming the amount of alcoholic drink per person an hour, you will be able to get to an estimate of how much you should serve. Then, according to that, fill up the station. Margaritas and long island iced teas are some of the most effortless yet amazing drinks that you can consider. Speaking of alcoholic drinks, make sure that you place them in such a way that they are out of the reach of children. You can also prepare seasonal tangy juices for all your little guests coming over to your place. Try to avoid glass glasses for serving drinks as they can be dangerous sometimes.

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4. Make Sure You Have Enough Seats for Everyone Coming

Always keep in mind that your friends are going to spend most of their time sitting in their chairs, so they should be ultra-comfortable. Lack of sufficient chairs and seating space is considered to be one of the most irresponsible mishaps in a party. So, make sure you arrange for the right amount, or better yet a few extra chairs are available on the party day. No one would want their guests to spend the entire event standing and being uncomfortable. If you think you do not own enough chairs in respect of the guests you have invited, then make sure to rent some or ask your guests to bring one.

5. Make Sure the Ambiance around is Perfect

The top factor affecting any party is the environment of the place. The ambiance is what makes or breaks the party. So, make sure you have a beautiful setup for everyone to enjoy the party. Believe us; once you do so, you will be forever known as the star host. The internet is full of amazing ideas so head there if you lack inspiration. It also depends on the kind of party it is. The music, set up, and décor will all be dependent on the theme and purpose of the event. If you are throwing a celebratory party, it will not match the ambiance of a casual one and vise-versa. Also, the importance of a good playlist is often ignored, but it really can improve the ambiance of the party.

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Regarding the décor, you can stick to the evergreen string lights and lanterns. They not only are easy and cheap to operate but also add ambiance. Since these tips and tricks are curated specially for patio parties, we are assuming there will be trees and plants around. So, what you can do is wrap some sparkling lights around the branches. One thing that we would want you to avoid is candles. They can be pretty dangerous in an open space, especially if kids are around. Instead of real candles, use false candles in which small bulbs are installed.

6. Standing Water is Not a Good Welcome

When you arrange a party on the patio, it can sometimes become difficult with the cleaning process. You never know if you will have to face the rain or thunder a day before the party. So, either find some ways to protect your ground, like a tent or temporary shelter, or get rid of the standing water manually. Stagnant water can be the ultimate spot for breeding insects and mosquitoes, which can harm your guests or your family, for that matter.

7. The Perfect Temperature is a Win-Win

Usually, the temperature outside of the house is more appealing and fresher. This is because you get to feel fresh air and oxygen, which makes you enjoy the party even more. Whereas, when you host an inside party with a considerable number of guests, it can often get suffocating for most people. So the key to a rocking party is always the perfect weather. However, you cannot control the temperature, but you can make arrangements to make it better and more tolerable.

If you reside somewhere where the temperature is usually high, then you should arrange for table fans around your patio. Likewise, people in areas with lower temperatures should think of installing portable heaters. Always remember that a moderate and pleasant degree will make your guests stay longer. Again, make sure to keep the electrical equipment out of the reach of kids so that they do not get harmed. Now that you know all the amazing tips to hype up your party, we are sure it will be a hit, and people will look forward to more of them.

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8. Keep Bug Sprays and Wipes Handy

Nobody wants to keep getting mosquito bites while enjoying a party, so another rule to make your outside party a hit is to keep those insects away. Considering the party will be taking place in an outdoor space, you cannot really do away with bugs. But one thing that you can undoubtedly do is to provide your guests with bug sprays and wipes. This way, they can help themselves. This is also a significantly important step as you never know how dangerous some insects can be.

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Another important thing that you can do to prevent bugs and mosquitoes is to light citronella candles or torches on your patio. This would repel the insects and would restrict them from taking over your patio. Before burning such things around your party spot, make sure that all your guests are comfortable with it. The smoke can sometimes cause trouble to those who are allergic to it so ask your guests beforehand.

9. Outdoor Toys are Worth Investing

If you are hosting a family party, then we are assuming that the kids will be there. So to make the party interesting enough, try to include some outdoor toys. This would eventually make your fellow guests enjoy the party even more as kids. If the children get bored, they will stick by their parents. However, if you have some outdoor toys around, the kids would not bother their parents so much for attention.

You can easily find some interesting games and playthings at the dollar store near to your home at a very cheap price. You can also make those toys a part of your patio after the party to give the space a fun vibe.

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Now the time has come to wrap up this guide to make your patio party a blast. We hope that you try all of these tips and get the results we are promising. By following these tricks, you will not only get amazing outcomes but will also not have to spend a lot of money. So, get ready for your ultimate patio party preparations and become the star host of the neighborhood.