Scheduling Your Chimney Inspection

A home visit from our professionals means a hands-off experience for you, with the exception of a couple of preparations we ask all of our clients to make. We’ve listed below some general advice, as well as steps you can take to prime your fireplace for inspection.
Asheville, NC Fireplace Store Regular Inspections Matter | Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop

Regular Inspections Matter

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends getting your chimney inspected (and cleaned) annually. This saves you time, stress, and money in the long run, since licensed professionals can identify problems before they become insurmountable. It’s important to ensure your inspection/cleaning is being done by a certified chimney sweep.

Don’t use your chimney for 24 hours before your appointment

This ensures your chimney is safe for our professionals to clean and inspect. Your fireplace and chimney need to be cool to the touch, so the chimney sweep can perform their job without incident. If the fireplace is not cool, the chimney sweep can’t provide a thorough inspection and cleaning.
Asheville, NC Fireplace Store Make sure your fireboxashbin is clean | Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop

Make sure your firebox/ashbin is clean

Your chimney sweep needs to be able to perform a thorough visual inspection of these elements; emptying your firebox or ashbin also prevents any messes being made in your home. Part of this step can also be clearing any items off of your mantle.

When your appointment is over,
schedule the next one.

Scheduling forward can ensure you’re set up for success with your chimney! We are more than happy to book you for the following year, feel free to ask our chimney sweeps about setting up your next inspection.