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Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe Year-Round

A cozy chair or ottoman beside a warm fireplace could be your favorite spot, especially during winter. It’s a great place to read your favorite books, relax and enjoy your “Me time” – isn’t it? Fireplaces are beautiful. Also, they make rooms more welcoming and cozier. But they could also be dangerous sometimes. Home heating systems, including fireplaces, are one of the common causes of house fires in the US. 

But, don’t worry about it. Such risks can be reduced with the help of professional chimney sweeping experts. With the following safety tips and the help of professionals at Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop, homeowners can easily avoid house fires caused by fireplaces. 

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Fireplace Safety Tips: How to Prevent Fire Hazards and Other Risks in Home?

  1. Avoid Using Flammable Liquids or Chemicals

It may take some time to start the fire in the fireplace. But, no matter how long it takes, do not use any flammable liquid or chemicals to start the fire. Also, you should not use kerosene, gasoline, or charcoal. In order to stay on the safe side, consider using newspaper and starter logs. 

  1. Do Not Overload Your Fireplace 

Overloading fireplaces often cause overheating the wall. Also, there are chances that the fire will get out of control. So, be careful about it. Use seasoned hardwood to ensure that the fire burns bright and safe. 

Also, you should keep in mind that smoldering fire causes creosote buildup. So, using small fuel or burning fuel at a low temperature is also not the right way to choose. 

  1. Use the Right Wood

Birchwood is perfect for an open fireplace. Hardwoods like oak, maple, and other fruit tree wood burn bright and long. They are perfect to be used in fireplaces. Be sure that you use seasoned wood. Burning unseasoned wood may lead to creosote buildup in your chimney, and it can affect your health. 

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  1. Inspect Your Chimney 

It is necessary to inspect your chimney with the help of professionals routinely. This will help you know whether it is in good condition. Professionals at Clean Sweep specialize in chimney inspections. Now, a proper chimney inspection is necessary since it helps in identifying several problems related to chimney structure and so on. Thus, a chimney inspection is a great way to avoid costly home repairs. Also, you will know that your fireplace is running efficiently, which means your home is safe. 

  1. Cover Your Chimney with a Cap 

Your uncovered chimney could be the home of bats, birds, and raccoons. Bird nests and other debris in your chimney may pose a house fire hazard. To avoid this risk, make sure that you cover your chimney with a cap tightly. Even if you find bird nests, let professionals of Clean Sweep use their best techniques to remove raccoons, birds, or other unwanted guests from your chimney

  1. Repair the Damaged Parts 

Neglected chimneys may lead to house fires. To remain on the safe side, do not forget to repair your chimney as soon as you find any issue. Experts at Clean Sweep specialize in water damage repair, waterproofing, masonry repair, smoke problems, etc. To avoid expensive repairs and reduce risks, pay attention to your fireplace maintenance. 

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  1. Pay Attention to the Damper 

Dampers are designed to seal the chimneys. You can seal your fireplaces with a damper and maintain a comfortable room temperature. Dampers prevent cold wind from coming through the chimney and thus keep rooms warm. Check the damper if it is in good condition or if it seals properly. 

  1. Clean Your Fireplace 

Cleaning your fireplace regularly is necessary since it will help you prevent home fires. Remove debris from the chimney walls with chimney sweeping experts to reduce the risk of creosote buildup. Clean Sweep specializes in cleaning or sweeping chimneys. Let experts clean your chimney and stay safe. 

  1. Do Not Use Wet or Rotten Wood 

Wet or rotten wood will smolder and lead to creosote buildup in your chimney. Creosote fumes can cause coughing and other problems. It may affect your health. Avoiding burning rotten or wet wood reduces the risk of creosote buildup. 

  1. Avoid Closing Your Room 

While burning wood in your fireplace, it will emit toxic gases, including carbon monoxide. So, make sure you do not close your room completely when burning wood in the fireplace. 

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For a safe and comfortable home, maintain your fireplace properly. Inspect the chimney routinely and repair it on time with the help of experts. Also, do not forget to keep the fireplace clean. All these steps will help you reduce the risk of chimney fires. Pay attention to fireplace safety and stay warm and relaxed.