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Christmas is the favorite holiday of many, for various reasons. While a few love the idea of getting ready, attending parties, and receiving gifts, many prefer Christmas because it provides them with the opportunity to spend time with their kids and other family members.
Building snowmen and decorating the house are great bonding activities, but there is nothing better than sitting by the fireplace and reading to your child. Cups of hot chocolate and comfy blankets are an integral part of this activity as well.

The following write-up specifies seven books you can read to your children next to a fireplace. Please check them out right now.

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Charlie the Chimney Sweep and Sooty

Charlie the Chimney Sweep and Sooty by Bruce Peardon is perfect for kids aged five and over. Featuring charming illustrations, the book impressed a large number of people in no time. Although the book has no date, most people believe it was published on 1st April 2001.

It follows the life of Charlie, who resided in a bakery working as a chimney sweep by day, and his black cat Sooty. Father Christmas pays a visit to Charlie and offers him presents, which ultimately lead to a loving home for the orphaned chimney sweep and his cat.

Your kids will love this Christmas tale of hope, kindness, and friendship.

Sweep: the Story of a Girl and her Monster

Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster is another excellent piece of fiction that your children will enjoy. Written by the well-known storyteller, Jonathan Auxier, the book is bound to feel irresistible within just three pages. Auxier takes us to Dickensian London and introduces us to charming characters, multiple rogues with cold hearts, and one naïve and endearing golem. Thanks to the incredibly crafted prose, your kids will be able to imagine the harsh lives of Nan and other young chimney sweeps.

Nan’s guardian, the Sweep, left her five years ago without any warning. She was at the mercy of a brutal master, Wilkie Crudd. Although she was a fast and agile sweep, she got stuck inside a chimney that caught fire one day. Instead of perishing, she found herself in an attic with a small, awkward creature called a golem. The golem becomes Nan’s new protector.

The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep

Written by Danish author and poet Hans Christian Anderson, The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep is known for being a literary fairy-tale. It follows the love story between two figurines made of China – a shepherdess and a chimney sweep. Their romance is put in danger by a carved mahogany figure called “General-clothes-press-inspector-head-superintendent-Goat-legs”. He lives in a nearby cabinet and wants the shepherdess to be his wife. The book was published for the first time in the year 1854.

The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep is a fascinating personification of inanimate objects. This contributes to a feeling that kids are playacting the entire story with the figurines because one of them breaks.

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Curious George and the Firefighters

Curious George and the Firefighters is one of the most famous fire safety books. Based on Margaret Rey and H.A’s renowned primate and painted in traditional charcoal and watercolor style, this book acquired extensive recognition.

Escorted by a friendly man wearing a yellow hat, Curious George has a great time in the local firehouse. He gets the opportunity to explore the different innovative pieces of machinery and associated accessories. He then goes out with the brave firefighters.

Curious George and the Firefighters allow kids to learn how courageously the firefighters work to keep us safe. This book is ideal for kids aged six and over.

The Fire

The Fire by Annette Greissman celebrates bravery and courage. It is considered a tribute to the firefighters all across the globe.

Maria was playing with her teddy bear, and her brother Pepito was coloring a picture. Their mother was making soup. Suddenly they all smelled smoke and found out their house was on fire. Maria helped her brother crawl, and the three of them escaped safely. The firefighters tried hard but failed to salvage the house. One of them brought the only two things recovered – a teddy bear and a family picture. While Maria was sad that everything they owned was gone, her mother said the picture reminded her of happier times.

The Fire teaches kids how dangerous fire is and why they must always take it seriously.

My First Barbecue Book

My First Barbecue Book by Peter J. Swann is suitable for kids of all ages. In fact, anyone who loves organizing barbecues would love this tongue-in-cheek tale.

The book is exceptionally illustrated; hence kids would have no problem reading it. Now one thing the parents need to realize is that it is a parody book. You could have guessed from the cover, which has an anxious-looking cow. I would definitely recommend it to all little ones.

Into the Outdoors

Into the Outdoors is an exceptionally fun book that encourages kids to explore the outer world. The language is simple, and the breathtaking illustrations make Into the Outdoors a perfect read by the fireplace.

Written by Susan Gal, Into the Outdoors also helps young kids learn English grammar. Here a family travels ‘under’ the canopy, ‘up’ the mountain, and ‘over’ a bridge to reach their campsite in the forest. The campsite is ‘beside’ a lake and next ‘to’ a waterfall.

Read this aloud with your kids and have the best time of your life.

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Make the most out of the holiday season by bonding with your kids. The books mentioned above can make Christmas special. Parents learn that their little ones do not need expensive presents but just a bit of their time. Create a cosy corner by the fireplace right now.

Reading to your kids is considered immensely beneficial. It boosts language and cognitive development, expands vocabulary, and improves attention span as well as listening skills. Cultivate this habit from an early age!