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Chimney Cleaning & Repair: Asheville, NC

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Clean Sweep The Fireplace Shop provides chimney cleaning, chimney sweeping and leaky chimney repair! Proudly serving Asheville, Waynesville, Sylva, Bryson City, Cashiers, Highlands, Cherokee, Black Mountain and Franklin.

The Fireplace Shop

Our fireplace store offers a variety of fireplaces, stoves and inserts that burn wood, gas and pellets. Our wood stoves, gas fireplaces and wood burning inserts are of the highest quality, as we choose from the best manufacturers in the nation.

A visit to our store is a very warming experience! We have burning models on display so you can enjoy the beauty and coziness that a wood, gas or pellet hearth appliance can bring to your home. Our expert staff will assist you with every detail in choosing the perfect appliance to fit your family's lifestyle and home decor. Whether you want the nostalgic appeal of a real wood burning fire, the convenience of burning pellet fuel or the simplicity of gas, we promise to help you full-fill YOUR hearth's desires.

Outdoor Living Design

Clean Sweep the Fireplace Shop carries an array of outdoor living products. From grills to firepits, to fully customized outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. We carry the top lines and are able to do all installations!

Established in 1984, Clean Sweep offers:

Chimney Cleaning Chimney Inspection Chimney Crown Repair
Chimney Waterproofing Chimney Lining Animal Removal From Chimneys
Fireplace Installation Chimney Installation Wood Stove Installation
Chimney Caps & Shrowds Professional Chimney Sweep Estimate Mortar Crowns Repairs
Tuckpointing Repairs Hearth & Firebrick Repairs Chimney Top Repairs & Rebuilds

We Carry A Large Assortment of Chimney Products:

Fireplace Sales Chimney Flashing Wood Stove Sales
Chimney Sales Chimney Caps Hearth Accessories
Chimney Metal Fabrication Made To Order Chimney Products Pellet Stove Sales

And Top Brands Like:

Kamado Joe American Gas Logs Isokern
Napoleon IBD Outdoor Rooms Fire Majic Grills

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Haywood 828-456-9775
Buncombe 828-253-7668
Jackson 828-631-3562
Macon 828-349-7137
Swain 828-488-4400

Our Happy Customers

We Do Our Very Best!

"I usually don't give 5 stars to anything, but everyone at Clean Sweep is awesome. I own a small business and I strive to provide the kind of attention to detail, professional recommendations, performance, follow through, and customer service that all these great folks gave me."

Steven T.,

"Our experience with Clean Sweep has been fantastic. They are prompt and efficient. The initial cleaning was done extremely well and when we had a small problem shortly thereafter, they returned and fixed the problem right away. The office personnel are kind and courteous. Patrick did an excellent job with the initial cleaning and Tom was so efficient in fixing our problem later on. I recommend Clean Sweep wholeheartedly. "

Kent R.,

"We have turned to Clean Sweep for more than 4 years with success. We have had some fairly major repairs and maintenance done. They are thorough and courteous. And they stand by their warranty."

Jim K.,

Photo Gallery & Recent Posts

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21 Nov

Chimney Swifts

Chimney Swifts are small cigar shaped migratory birds that pass through our area in the Spring looking for nesting sites.

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09 Sep

CSIA Certification

The Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) is the training standard across the country for well qualified chimney sweeps that can provide a host of services rel

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09 Sep

National Chimney Sweep Guild

The chimney sweep you hire should be a member of the Nat

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09 Sep

The Chimney Sweep Process

Chimney Sweep Process

When is Cleaning a Chimney Required?

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09 Sep

7 Signs Your Chimney Is In Need of Repairs

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the structure of their fireplace is extremely durable and never needs to be repaired.

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09 Sep

Gas Detectors

Gas Detectors

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09 Sep

4 Myths About Chimneys

Below are a few “Myths” about chimneys Myth: Unused chimneys don’t need inspecting The Truth: Chimney’s can develop cracks and weaken the structure.

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09 Sep

How to Repair a Damaged Chimney Crown

Chimney crowns are very important because they protect the bricks below them. We used a product called CrownCoat to seal the cracks and protect the crown from future damage.

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09 Sep

Why Wood Pellet Stoves?

Are you considering a wood pellet stove? It is a great solution to reducing your heat costs. Wood pellet stoves are a great way to add a primary or secondary heating system to your home.

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09 Sep

Leaking Chimney Repair

As we enter 2013 we are celebrating 30 years of business in the Chimney and Hearth Industry.

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  • 1547 South Main Street,
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  • Haywood 828-456-9775
  • Buncombe 828-253-7668
  • Jackson 828-631-3562
  • Macon 828-349-7137
  • Swain 828-488-4400
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We offer Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Sweeping, Inspection, & Repair Services serving Waynesville, Asheville, Sylva, Cashiers, Highlands, Franklin, Black Mountain, Bryson City and Cherokee.

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